When What If Becomes Reality

I’ve always hated “what if” questions. My son, however, loved the “what if” game. What if –insert movie star or famous musician name here — walked through those doors, what

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Grief’s Impact

Grief is raw, requires vulnerability, and facing reality. None of those actions are pleasant, but it is the grieving that allows us to move forward after a devastating experience. As

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Thriving in the Storm*

Some storms we can see coming. The dark clouds gather on the horizon. The sheets of rain cast a water curtain on the horizon. Soon it will be upon us.

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Saying Yes To Forgiveness

Life as I’d known it for almost 30 years was destroyed in a single day. My husband’s choices had forced me to forfeit a job I loved, abandon our close-knit

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Her Story: The Fern

I adore house plants. I get so much delight from seeing them thrive and grow, and when something goes wrong and the leaves turn a sick yellow color, or worse

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Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

For many Do-It-Youselfers, restoring old furniture is a delightful hobby, full of creative design and hard work that offers satisfying rewards.  Somehow, those creative types see a battered, and often

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