Hope Redefined Ministries was birthed from the passion to love and support women who are faced with sexual betrayal in their marriage and close relationships.  Our mission is to be a place where you can find real life support, encouragement and other women who are facing similar pain but refuse to succumb to the destruction that this sin can have on so many of us. Our missions is to create a safe community and faith based support 

Founder, Lyschel Burket, is a wife herself who has weathered the trial in her marriage like so many women. After the discovery of her husband’s pornography addiction in late 2005, Lyschel went in search of support and community. She quickly found the support she needed through a group of sisters in Christ. Over the next decade Lyschel began working on her own heart, discovery of who God really said she is, and recognized His delight in her. As her affections grew for her Maker, her husband was on his own journey of recovery and healing. These years did not come without many setbacks and tear filled nights. But they have continued to stay committed to God, each other, and the battle against sexual sin in their marriage.

From a place of ashes came Hope Redefined Ministries. We are familiar with the smell, fear, and sorrow that comes with this type of “fire” in a marriage. We hope to be a place that walks with women as they begin to wipe the soot off and put on the war paint. There is a battle for our marriages and fighting for them is worth it.

“This is my prayer in the battle, when triumph is still on its way. I am a conquer and Co-heir with Christ. So firm on His promise I’ll stand”

This is My Story

This is My Story

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