Why Support for Women

You are here because the story of your life has been hijacked by a reality you would have never expected. Me too. 
As women we wrestle with the word “need”. It can feel selfish, egocentric, or greedy. The reality of our situation is we need to heal. We need space to do this and complete the work. However, we rarely get the time, space, or resources to do that. So we pack up our pain for the sake of life moving on and we neglect our need for healing – hoping that one day it will just fade. The truth is we begin to feel parts of ourselves fade instead of the pain. For some, the loss of self is the alarm causing her to seek help. For others, it is the realization she no longer knows herself or her needs that leads her to a place like Hope Redefined. 
God made us for community. Throughout scripture, we see people navigate life in groups. Unfortunately, most women aren’t sure how to find a safe community when it comes to betrayal and the mess it creates.
A wife needs physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional support in order for healing to take place. As she steps into a safe community, her anxieties settle and her body relaxes because she is seen, validated, and understood. Her heart begins to soften and her self-preservation skills relax because they aren’t needed in this space. Her emotions are given permission to be present, and she gains language to discuss the things she has been feeling for so long. Sitting in community, she hears others struggle with their faith or relationship with God. Before too long, she begins to see how God can be present again and safe for her. 
I spent many years waiting for my husband to get better, so I could get better. I eagerly anticipated the day that he would come home from a group carrying the information I needed to heal. I unknowingly expected him to heal me – after all, he was the one that broke me. The truth is he isn’t capable of healing me. He can contribute to the healing of our relationship, but he can’t heal me. 
Having a community helps us see past our husbands and discover how other people, targeted support, and Jesus can heal us. 
You deserve to heal. You can heal. Welcome to the community who will help you on the journey. 

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