End of Year Celebration

Dear Friend, When I last wrote this letter, I told you that the Hope Redefined team and I were looking with expectancy toward 2021. As He always does, God has […]

Finding Gratitude from Joshua – Her Voice

12 stone memorial kairn

I had come home wanting to focus on gratitude and appreciation despite my circumstances. That’s who I wanted to be. And to meet my deepest desire and fulfillment, God met me right where I was at.

Unloved & Overlooked

Leah - Unloved and overlooked

The following Her Voice story comes from Leah Gillam: The biblical character who most exemplifies trust to me is my old testament namesake, Leah. In the wake of my husband’s […]

I Am Becoming

Butterfly emerging from cocoon

The following Her Voice post was shared by a HILL Group participant: Recently in group, we were asked, “If our life was a book, what chapter are we in?” Here’s […]

Are You Ready for Dessert?

cupcake with pink icing on top

In April of 2021 I had the privilege to hang out with Dr. Juli Slattery on her podcast, Java with Juli. Our conversation…S E X. Specifically re-entering into sexual intimacy after betrayal.

Keynotes, sandwiches, and breakouts Oh My!

What can one person do to effect change? We left with an understanding that the Lord is opening doors we get to walk through to help with sexual betrayal and sexual addiction.

Forgiveness After Betrayal (Part 2)

Forgive, hands open

This is part two talking through the topic of forgiveness. One of our team members has done an amazing job laying out this topic, and we wanted to be sure […]

Forgiveness After Betrayal

Forgive Part 1

Our next two blogs will be covering the topic of forgiveness. One of our team members has done an amazing job laying out this topic and we wanted to be […]

Crappy Cake

Crappy Cake Blog

The afternoon ended with me seeing how much I disliked crappy cake, but how often I ate it. I know, I know. Weird topic for women facing betrayal right. Well, […]