Her Story: The Fern

I adore house plants. I get so much delight from seeing them thrive and grow, and when something goes wrong and the leaves turn a sick yellow color, or worse

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Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

For many Do-It-Youselfers, restoring old furniture is a delightful hobby, full of creative design and hard work that offers satisfying rewards.  Somehow, those creative types see a battered, and often

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Like many, my betrayal story has been the most difficult period of my life. So much of what accompanies betrayal trauma feels out of control: emotions, triggers, distrust, and interactions

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The Exchanged Life: Part 1

A pile of ashes. That’s what my marriage looked like after d-day. The beauty of our friendship, intimacy, and shared history burned away in the fire of pornography addiction/unfaithfulness. There

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Cacophony or Concerto?

Still winds keep it silent; Gentle evening breezes bring a faint melody to dance on air. Clouds gather, thunder thrashes, lightning strikes, formidable wind-foes force it into cacophony; but listen,

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Changing the Legacy

I sat  with her this morning as she wrestled through the next steps of her life, questioning everything that had happened up to this point. Failed polygraphs, unthinkable disclosures of

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Tossed by the Waves

As a child, playing in the waves at the beach was a thrill of mine. Summer days were spent ducking under or jumping over the waves that rushed to meet

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