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Hope Redefined has a passion to love and walk beside women facing sexual betrayal in their marriage and close relationships. It is a place to find real life support, encouragement and connect with other women who are facing similar pain. We are a community who finds hope in the face of the destruction that this sin can have on so many of us.

We offer support in four main ways: Personal Coaching (One-to-One),  Group SupportHealing Intensive Retreats, and being a Community Resource.

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If you are on the fence [to join a group or retreat], jump on over because what He has in store for you is so great and healing. He will pick you up and bandage your wounds and give you tools to fight/keep fighting!

Emily, Redeemed Hope Retreat Participant

The Lord did a much needed deep work in my heart & healed my heart from the hurt of betrayal in so many ways. I came to this retreat broken, sad, full of despair and grief. I am leaving restored, full of joy, and full of hope for the future.

Sue, Redeemed Hope Participant

The biggest thing I took from the group was that God cares deeply for me, that healing is possible and faster than I had thought, and that sharing with others brings comfort. 

Abby, Finding Hope Participant

The group is a safe place that helps you grow in your understanding of the situation and yourself as well as in your relationship with the Lord. You are in the company of wives who have gone through similar experiences; you can share your struggles with them, listen to theirs, and pray.

Anonymous, Hope Redefined Group Participant

I thought there were only two extremes in resolving marital issues: “Go home and love harder” or “Leave the %!?# and felt trapped knowing neither suited me. In the community of Hope Redefined, I was given knowledge from a sound Biblical perspective that enabled me to think straight about my specific situation. The education, support and community experience here empowered me to apply this new knowledge.

Gaye, Hope Redefined Group Participant

Finding Hope is a supportive safe place to be able to say what you need to say to find out you are not alone. It is a place where there are other women who have gone through the same thing and that we did not cause this. It is the man’s problem not ours.

KC, Finding Hope Group Participant

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