Therapeutic Disclosures

What they are, why they are supportive, and how to prepare for them.

Here is an interview with Dan Drake talking about this subject matter that I wanted to share with all. Dan is a gift to women facing betrayal. He has empathy and advocates for safety for everyone in the disclosure process.  

Not all disclosures are created equal. If you are thinking of asking for a disclosure, please look for a trained professional to assist you in the process. We can help make referrals for you too.

Hope Redefined is also happy to partner with you in this process as well.
We offer Therapeutic Disclosure support for you through: 

  • Pre Disclosure Prep
  • Disclosure participation (on site support and advocacy)
  • Intensive support
  • Post Disclosure Processing

If you want to connect with Lyschel on this subject matter please feel free to message her or email at