Full Therapeutic Disclosures

Did you know that Hope Redefined offers coaching specifically for women walking through Full Therapeutic Disclosures?  Maybe you aren’t familiar with this process. Or maybe you’ve considered it but don’t know where to start.  Truthfully, there can be a lot of uncertainty and anxiety over the idea of therapeutic disclosures, so you aren’t alone.  We would love to lend clarity to your decision to pursue a Full Therapeutic Disclosure.

Why Full Therapeutic Disclosure?

Therapeutic disclosures take a powerful step toward rebuilding intimacy in a relationship. This might seem counterintuitive, but consider the Pyramid of Intimacy graphic developed by Matthew and Joanna Raabsmith. 


Therapeutic disclosures find their basis in honesty and that is the first step in rebuilding intimacy in a broken relationship.  Bringing the unknown into the light allows a woman to once again navigate the relationship with confidence because a foundation of truth has been built.  For her, disclosure can bring purpose to the pain. As she navigates through that pain, she can begin to heal. 

Addicts also benefit from the full therapeutic disclosure. Initially, there is a relief from being fully known. There is no more hiding and secrets to keep, and this brings freedom. He also moves from denial of the addiction to awareness, including the costs: financial, emotional, relational, physical, mental, and spiritual. The disclosure brings about personal healing in many areas and can also be a catalyst for relational healing.

Finally, both the addict and the partner can learn new survival skills to walk life together.  Instead of old ineffective coping mechanisms, they are each given new tools, ones that can bring intimacy and wholeness.

At Hope Redefined, we believe that the disclosure process is a critical part of a couple’s healing. We have seen firsthand the support and healing a full therapeutic disclosure can offer both the addict and the betrayed partner. If you are considering an FTD, please remember that not all therapists are created equal. Professional support is vital in this process because you would not rely on yourself to remove a cancerous tumor from your body – similarly let an experienced professional help you and your partner navigate this disclosure. Each disclosure should have a supporting professional with qualifying certifications such as CSAT, APSATS, or IITAP. 

A Hope Redefined certified coach can offer support in the areas of

  • Reviewing documents and offer important feedback 
  • Offering emotional and psychological support as you prepare, process, and grow 
  • Assisting with identifying your needs from the TD process 
  • Baring witness to 
  • Affirming and validating your process, emotions, and needs.

If you would like more information about the disclosure process and how Hope Redefined can help, please contact our Coaching Coordinator Kristen Kelley at kk@hoperedefined.org.

Post Disclosure Support

Are you taking steps with your partner toward Full Therapeutic Disclosure?  Are you still reeling from the Rite of Truth? Do you lack direction now that you’ve walked through the disclosure process? 

We’ve been there, too! Find direction and community by joining our Post Disclosure support group.

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