Firing Up for Fall

What an exciting Fall season it is shaping up to be at Hope Redefined.  If you are are looking for community in the aftermath of betrayal, Hope Redefined has a place for you.  Check out these new groups and workshop being offered. (Click on images to find out more about each event.)


Upcoming Workshops

In the aftermath of betrayal, it’s hard to know what you believe about anything other than the need for honesty and truth.  Join us as we discuss the importance of reflection, clarity, and courage when it comes to personal values. Knowing what’s truly important can boost our self-confidence, strengthen our ability to make healthy decisions, and even bring attention to areas of weakness that need to be strengthened. This workshop offers practical tasks and application that will empower you to use your values to guide your everyday life, especially in the wake of betrayal.

Group Facilitators: Lyschel Burket, an APSATS certified partner coach, and Alison Ruhter, APSATS certified partner coach candidate.


A relapse plan is an essential recovery tool for any person healing from betrayal trauma, enabling a wife to respond to a relapse rather than react. Planning ahead – for something we hope will never happen – offers a woman the space to think clearly, identify her needs, and layout steps to meet those needs. We’d love to have you join us for this 2-day workshop in September.

Group Facilitators:  Lyschel Burket and Shawna Meek, both APSATS certified partner coaches.

This 8-week support group is perfect for women seeking to deepen the healing process of grieving the wounds of betrayal. We will be learning the value of grief and grieving together. If you are finding the weight of sorrow in processing your betrayal overwhelming,  this might be time for you to do some grieving. Know this: you are not alone and grieving can truly bring hope.

Group Facilitators: Lynette Ramirez, a trauma-informed therapist, and Lyschel Burket, an APSATS certified partner coach.


This 10-week group takes a look at boundaries through a biblical lens.  Participants will identify their personal values and create boundaries around them. The goal is to learn how to live life in alignment with your values and maintain your boundaries in the wake of betrayal and infidelity.

Group Facilitator: Leah Gillam, an APSATS trained therapist.


Separation and Divorce Care Support Group is a safe community dedicated to helping you heal from the pain of separation or divorce. This 10-week program addresses the hard topics like fear of the future, financial decisions, tension with friends and family, and establishing boundaries.  Even though separation and divorce causes emotional turmoil,  you can step into this group to find community and practical tools for decision-making.

Group Facilitator: Alison Ruhter, a certified APSATS coaching candidate, will take you on a journey that she has and continues to navigate herself.

Discover Empowerment for the Betrayal Journey

Healthy boundaries are an essential part of the healing process.  Our Boundaries course is uniquely designed to give you real-time answers to your questions as you work through setting and sticking to your boundaries in daily life.

Are you struggling with feelings of betrayal and hopelessness?

Hope Redefined offers a 10-week Finding Hope Online Support and Study Group that offers participants an opportunity to overcome the devastation of betrayal. Participants will work through Hope Redefined’s Finding Hope workbook, which will help you better understand your pain and lead you to a place of healing.

Reflection, clarity, and courage

A Values workshop

Discover your inner strength and reclaim your values by reflecting and clarifying what is important to you, then step out with the courage to live by them daily. 

Need community support now?

As a woman experiencing sexual betrayal, the journey can feel lonely and isolating.  The confusion and shame can be paralyzing.  Take your first step toward healing today by joining the Hope Online Community. For a minimal monthly cost,  you get access to extensive resources and instant community support with women who are walking the same road.

Post Disclosure Support

Are you taking steps with your partner toward Full Therapeutic Disclosure?  Are you still reeling from the Rite of Truth? Do you lack direction now that you’ve walked through the disclosure process? 

We’ve been there, too! Find direction and community by joining our Post Disclosure support group.

Our Webinars are Available on Demand

For a minimal cost, you can gain immediate access to any of our webinars. Each one is designed to give you more information about a specific topic related to sexual betrayal.

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