Wednesday Reads: Name that Emotion

“How are you feeling?” Women experiencing the after effects of intimate betrayal dread this question. A myriad of emotions accompany this experience. Truthfully, many of her emotions can’t even be named yet. That’s where the Wednesday Reads book recommendation comes in. Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart* helps us unpack “the complex web of emotion, behavior, and thoughts that are triggered by our experiences, and gives us the nuanced language to fully understand our feelings and express them to others” ( Review).

Each chapter title groups emotions with familiar and identifiable language. Titles like “Places We Go When We Feel Wronged,” and “Places We Go When Things are Uncertain or Too Much”  help the reader take the first step in naming her emotions. Once named, emotions can be defined using accessible language–no scientific jargon here. Not only are emotions categorized and discussed, but the book’s introduction poses reflection questions for the reader to use. This tool allows the reader to map her own emotions and their connections to her mental, physical, and experiential state. In addition, the reader will find other resources to guide her through the naming of emotions on the author’s website. These range from podcasts to pdf downloads and meaningful quote cards.

As women of betrayal, empowered conversations with others and ourselves begin when we create honest language around our emotions. As a result, those conversations become effective steps on our healing journey. If you are struggling to recognize and name your emotions, Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown might be just the dictionary you need to move into a healthier space. Check the author’s website for a list of book sellers.


*Please note that Hope Redefined does not financially benefit from any book recommendation or book seller. Recommendations are for information purposes only*

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