Thriving in the Storm*

Some storms we can see coming. The dark clouds gather on the horizon. The sheets of rain cast a water curtain on the horizon. Soon it will be upon us.

With betrayal, the storms arrive unexpectedly and definitely uninvited. Rain pelts us, thunder tears at our eardrums, and lightning sends us sprinting for the nearest shelter.

Upon betrayal discovery, either for the first time or most recent, the storm rages, and we see no shelter to which we can  run. No immediate relief from the cold stinging rain or the furious, bullying lightning and thunder. We are forced to stand in its midst and endure the torrential torment. This can look like going to work and pretending all is well. Or maybe caring for the kids while not falling apart in front of them. It might even be sitting in church beside the person who has destroyed your world and pasting on a smile because you don’t know who to trust with your story. 

We yearn for relief. We scan the horizon for shelter. We cry out for a rescuer, yet nothing but miles of storm lies ahead of us.

Our fear threatens to consume. When will this be over? When will I feel safe again? How can we ever move on from this story? Hope plays hide-and-seek in the dark clouds. Desperation rages and we begin to run, anywhere, somewhere, to anyone and anything that might bring relief.

Yet, if we only remembered God lives in the middle of the storm, we could find the hope, peace, and the shelter we seek. Our humanness believes the storm to be inhabited only by enemies, lies, pain, and devastation. Anxieties that Satan seeks to perpetuate.

Jesus calmed the storm when the disciples’ fear overwhelmed them? (Matthew 8:23-26). But God was present IN THE MIDDLE of that storm, not only at the end of it. Because Jesus understood that truth, he could sleep peacefully through it. God created thunder and lightning, and  Jesus knew with certainty there was no need for terror or fear of the present or the future.

So often when life’s storms — the devastating kind — show up, we want to run, to avoid its pain. Yet, standing steadfastly in the middle of the storm is the best lesson we can learn. We will find God in a deeper way, and our faith is allowed to grow. As the storm rages, his peace stands faithfully in its midst. We understand God’s power and our weaknesses best as we simply rest in his arms while the rain pours and lightning strikes.

It’s not fun, nor is it pretty, but with perseverance, we can learn to dance to the rhythm of the rain while its pelting drops sting our skin.

No matter where we are today in our stories,  may we allow the Lord to teach us to find him in the middle of the storm, not just when the clouds part and the sun shines. When our vision is clouded with tears and rain drops, and our ears deafened by the drum of thunder, may our faith rise just enough to listen for God’s whisper and find shelter in his arms. No more running from its fury, let’s all defy it by living steady and sure of God’s power while  standing in the middle of the storm.

In the Storm with You,




*Post Inspired by the song “In The Whisper” by Christy Nickels (Listen Here)

Day by day, I’m learning how to stay

In the middle of the storm

I’m learning where to lay my head

And step by step, I’m learning how to listen

In the middle of the noise

I will listen for Your still small voice

So let the thunder roll

And I won’t be afraid, ’cause You roll the thunder

And let the rain beat hard

Upon my roof, and I’ll dance to it’s rhythm

And let the mighty wind

Blow between the oak trees

As I let You steady me

‘Cause You’re right here in the whisper

Of my heart

Breath by breath, I’m learning what You say

When You told me I could trust

Even when the storm is raging on

And song by song, I will sing of your great love

While You’re singing it back to me

With the very voice that calmed the sea

So let the thunder roll

And I won’t be afraid, ’cause You roll the thunder

And let the rain beat hard

Upon my roof, and I’ll dance to it’s rhythm

And let the mighty wind

Blow between the oak trees

As I let You steady me

‘Cause You’re right here in the whisper

You’re right here

So say peace be still

To every beat of my heart

So say peace be still

To every thought in my head

I know your voice, and I will listen and obey

Every time you call, in the night


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