Hiking with Hope: Conquering the Mountain of Sexual Betrayal

When women are faced with sexual betrayal, we are knocked off our feet. In fact, the pain can be so great, we wonder if we will ever stand again. In order to gain our footing, we need a safe place to heal. Usually, a friend or family member is a safe person with whom we can share life’s hurts and battles. Sexual betrayal, however, isn’t something we casually chat about over coffee with our BFF. It’s a hurt so deep and is often accompanied by shame along with a myriad of other emotions, so instead of reaching out, we turn within. That is just what the Enemy desires.  Isolation doesn’t heal the hurt; it deepens it. Sexual betrayal is not a mountain we can climb alone!

Hiking boots give a mountain climber sure footing.  As women facing sexual betrayal, we need someone not only helping us up after the initial discovery or disclosure, we need someone to give us “boots” to climb our recovery mountain.  That’s why Hope Redefined exists!  Here we can regain our footing by having a safe place to heal. Not only that, but we can JOURNEY TOGETHER with other women who share similar stories.  We feel understood and heard as we work through our hurts and allow God to use his Word and community to heal us.  Some days the path might become rocky and the drop-offs severe, but our Hope Redefined “boots” will give us a sense of security, knowing we won’t walk alone and that our Father God holds our hand while we trek this seemingly insurmountable mountain.  That combination will allow us to hike in hope.

If you are struggling with the aftermath of sexual betrayal, please reach out.  We at Hope Redefined are here to get you on your feet again, fit you in a pair hiking boots, and introduce you to your fellow hikers and a loving Redeemer, who will share your load.

If you’d like to find out more about Hope Redefined, join us on June 23rd to hear stories of restoration and redemption and see how you can become a part of the hiking team.

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