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One of Hope Redefined’s missions is to help educate and support the community around us.

We want to educate individuals, pastors and those in care ministry on how to love a marriage impacted by sexual betrayal.  We have seen a great increase in understanding and resources for those struggling with the addiction itself and we are celebrating with our church culture in that. However, we still see an opportunity to educate around the impact of this addiction for the whole family.

If you are working with college, young adults, pre-marital, married or women we want to support you. We know that there is a vastness of issues and hardship that walk into your office on a regular basis. No one person or church can be expected to master it all, but we want to help you do better.

We offer training seminars, lunch and learns, and staff meeting trainings to better equip you and your staff. We want to link arms with you and what the Lord is doing through the people in your community to be proactive in education and help marriages recover and restore.

If you or your church would like to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of couples support through betrayal and sexual struggled please contact us today.

Please check out our Resource page for recommendations and a free pdf titled “The Do’s and Don’t of Loving a Marriage Impact by Sexual Betrayal”

Resources for Churches and Church Leaders

Lyschel Burket’s interview on Betrayal Recovery Radio. August 2018, “What the Church Can Do to Support Partners” of sexual betrayal:

Carol the Coach will be interviewing Lyschel Burket, who is a Lead Hope Caster for Hope Redefined Ministries, an organization that assists churches in providing partner-sensitive guidance when sexual betrayal has occurred. Lyschel discovered firsthand how churches, although well meaning, did not provide the proper guidance to partners, and she has made it her mission to educate churches to minister to partners to restore hope and mend deeper wounds that occur as a result of partner betrayal.

Lyschel Burket’s interview on Betrayal Recovery Radio. December 2018, “How Can We Support Partners“:

Don’t you wish that there was a “Do’s and Don’ts List” for  people who work with partners? Professionals, pastors, friends and family are well meaning but they often times are unclear as to how to support a woman who is suffering from sexual betrayal. Lyschel Burket has put together a list of Do’s and Don’t to help anyone who is on the front line and wants to have some healthy guidelines for helping Partners heal and deal with partner betrayal.

Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit

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