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Welcome to Triad Coaching. Triad Coaching is a small group of women (no more than three participants) and a coach working through similar circumstances or seasons. This support option is 12 weeks in time and ideal for women looking to have the space to focus on specific areas of their healing. Triad coaching is a great blend of personal coaching (one to one support) and a support group. You will have the benefits of working with a trained professional coach and the encouragement of a small group.

Group Structure:

All Triads are facilitated by a professional coach who is APSATS certified.

All group members are asked to complete a group agreement that establishes group confidentiality, group commitment and members responsibility. Your commitment to the 12 weeks is imperative to the development and growth of the group.

Please understand that once you complete the group agreement there will be no refunds issues. Your payment secures your spot in the limited size group.

We will have topics, open share, and working sessions based on the group’s needs.

Triad Coaching begins the week of September 21 on Mon and Weds evenings

Triad Coaching Group Topics Cover:

  • Abuse – Women in relationships with emotional and/or psychological abuse, with or without sexual addiction present. This could include gaslighting, manipulation, control, belittling, and other covert abuse strategies.  Mondays at 5p EST
  • Separation  – Women currently in or considering separation in their relationship. Considering the steps to navigate the process through their own values and boundaries.  Mondays at 6:30p EST
  • Divorce – Women who are in the process or have divorced their spouse due to the effects of sexual addiction. Determining how to live an empowered life of integrity, healing and wholeness.  Mondays at 8p EST
  • Intimacy Deprivation – Women in relationships with a husband that is sober from sexual integrity issues, however is avoidant emotionally, spiritually, and/or sexually. May display intimacy anorexia traits and/or covert abuse.  Wednesdays at 4:30p EST
  • Emotional Reintegration – Women who have seen their husband willing and able to find sexual sobriety and now want to explore how to emotionally open their heart back up to him safely.  Wednesdays at 6p EST
  • Sexual Reintegration – Women who have found safety & stabilization in their relationship emotionally, mentally and spiritually and are exploring how to reintegrate sexual safety into their marriage.  Wednesdays at 7:30p EST

Cost is $480 for 12 weekly joint sessions. Payment must be received in full or payment plan established prior to first group date. Payment plans are available by contacting us at

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Triad Coaching

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