Hope Online Community

Hope Online Community


Have you ever thought something like this?  “Social media? No way. Not for this. Betrayal trauma is too sensitive. What if someone sees that I’ve joined a social media group for sexual betrayal?”

Or this –  “I’m still walking through shame surrounding my husband’s betrayal. The risk is to big, and I’m not sure other people on this group page will be encouraging and supportive with where I am.”

Or even this –  “Social media has too many triggers, and I just can’t handle that.”

We relate. Every one of those questions, and perhaps even more, have been asked by us. Hope Redefined is so excited to let you know we have created a new community—Hope Online. We have created this unique experience just for you and other women connected to Hope Redefined for this reason: Hope Online brings together wives of sexual betrayal to speak hope and encouragement into the hurt created by betrayal trauma and provide a safe place for women to continue difficult conversations, so that we can move closer to healing and find purpose in our pain.

This specific online group will offer a platform designed with YOU in mind, and other women like you. Each member can:

  • interact regularly with other members who are, like you, looking for encouragement as they move forward in healing in a safe community
  • find the best level of support offered for you to have specific needs met by trained professionals in the area of betrayal
  • receive resources and real-time answers to your questions
  • participate in monthly LIVE Q&As

With traditional social media, we can feel overwhelmed and, in some cases, the negatives can greatly outweigh the positives. With Hope Online, we are looking to turn that around. Each woman participating in this community is walking through betrayal trauma and likely shares some of your fears and anxieties associated with social media and this sensitive topic. With Hope Online, we can clear away the clutter and noise of traditional social media and come together to focus on this important work each member of this community is doing.

Join Hope Online to get started with this group of women who desire to build one another up and offer encouragement and support when it is needed most. Use the link below to have your first year membership for only $349.99. An annual membership gets you 2 months for free. You can also purchase Hope Online for $34.99 monthly.

This will give you access to:

  • Daily content
  • Community with other women who have connected with Hope Redefined through support groups or coaching
  • Regular access to trained betrayal trauma professionals
  • A resource library, plus so much more

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