Seeking Hope

  • Have you recently discovered your spouse’s betrayal due to pornography use or unwanted sexual behavior?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelming emotions that you just can’t move past?
  • Do you long for understanding and validation of your pain?


Seeking Hope is a self-guided video curriculum that helps a woman gain an awareness and understanding of betrayal trauma and the impact it has on her as whole person – body, mind and spirit.


Seeking Hope is designed for women just entering their betrayal story.  


This self-paced video curriculum provides six video sessions and reflection questions on important topics related to betrayal trauma: triggers, self-care, boundaries and grief. 

Needed to participate:

  • Access to High Speed internet via cell phone, tablet, or computer. 


  • This curriculum comes with 1-month access to Hope Online – a community of women walking the road of betrayal trauma recovery.  
  • Access to the self-guided curriculum expires with the 1-month Hope Online access.  If you would like more time to work through the material, you can extend your Hope Online membership for a low monthly subscription cost. 

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