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HILL (Hope In our Loving Lord) Group is a peer-led processing group that will meet for 12 weeks and will work through a manual that was created by Hope Redefined. The group will explore topics like crisis of faith after betrayal, identity in Christ, and healing. Participants will also have the opportunity to bring topics they want to discuss.


HILL Group is for women who are seeking community, healing, and growth through Jesus. They will come to a group space to learn from one another, share their experiences, and hopes. Each member of the group has experienced sexual betrayal in their story and is on the pathway of healing. This group is available no matter what your marital status (married, separated, or divorced).


HILL Group is limited to 6 participants and is facilitated by two Lead Servants. Lead Servants are women who have completed a HILL group in the past and are ready to step in and help other women experience the group and process the material. Lead Servants have participated in training provided by Hope Redefined to ensure they understand and are in alignment with the culture of Hope Redefined. You will meet weekly through Zoom.

Needed to participate:

  • Ability to join Zoom for weekly group meetings
  • HILL group manual- Group members will have the option to print themselves or have a copy mailed to them for $35 in addition to cost of registration

Additional Requirements:

This group is uniquely designed for women who have participated in one or more of the following:

  • A support group with Hope Redefined that is at least six weeks in length (Finding Hope, Living in Hope, Boundaries)
  • Redeemed Hope Retreat AND Aftercare sessions
  • Six weeks of 1-1 coaching
  • Triad Coaching Group

Here is a video to give you a chance to hear from Lyschel Burket and some of the Lead Servants:

Read what HILL Group Participants are saying …

“I would tell a friend that while walking the road of sexual betrayal is difficult, it doesn’t have to be lonely and isolated. Hope Redefined allows women who struggle with a such a hard issue to find a place of safety to not only heal but to grow. This group allows you to get encouragement, but it also allows you to be the encourager”.
KCHill Group Participant
“This is a Christ centered group that offers safe community for betrayed partners”.
AnonymousHILL Group Participant
“The group is a safe place of betrayed women who come together to learn more about their own recovery in an authentic, vulnerable, low-pressure way. It’s a group that allows you to be you while learning from others. The tools provided for continued healing are amazing”.
AnonymousHill Group Participant
“This group validates the wide range of emotions that a wife suffering from betrayal trauma experiences. It also gives a sound biblical view on how to navigate these emotions, and eventually, move toward forgiveness.”
AnonymousFinding Hope Participant

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