Letter to Pornography

white paper and brown envelope

You are no longer welcome in my home. You are no longer invited either by force or by enabling into my marriage bed. I will partner no more with your lies.

I am partnering with Kingdom ways, purposes, plans and truth.

You have been exposed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Your effect on my mind, body, and spirit stops now.  I will do whatever it takes to eradicate your existence in my home, marriage and family. I’m taking back my kids’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Therefore, I will partner with Kingdom realities and expose the truth of what is happening in this home and who we serve.

No longer will I allow you to degrade me, demean my husband and dehumanize countless women, including myself.

I am drawing a line in the sand. No longer will you sow the lie of “all the perks of home, marriage, (sex) and family life,” then invade our ear/eye gates and bedroom pretending things are changing and this is what repentance looks like.

 I choose to believe that God is able to rebuild trust in my marriage based on mutuality, reciprocity, and FREEDOM!

You are no longer welcome in this process. Consider yourself served! 

– Warrior Bride

The sole purpose of HER Voice is to provide an opportunity for those who have walked in our shared experience of betrayal to tell their stories and open their hearts. These stories are meant to be personal testimonies from women who are still unpacking pieces of their hearts and looking to the one who is the ultimate Healer. Our God is creative and no two journeys look the same. These posts are authored by women at various places in their journey towards healing and hope, so please understand they are in process like all of us.

 We encourage you to use self care when reading other’s testimonies. These blogs are not meant to “tell you how to do it,” but are meant to encourage and provide hope for others, wherever they may be in their healing process. 

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