Dear Friend,

When I last wrote this letter, I told you that the Hope Redefined team and I were looking with expectancy toward 2021. As He always does, God has done more than we could have asked or imagined! It has been an incredible year of growth, of saying “YES”, of stretching in new ways and of welcoming more women into our community than ever before. I am so excited to tell you all about it! I wish I could send you a 10-page letter telling you all the things! Instead, I’m going to give you a snap shot.

Throughout 2021, we have been given opportunities to share God’s vision of hope and His unfailing truths for women, men, marriages, families and the Church who are impacted by the devastation of sexual betrayal. We have had the honor of sitting in the middle of the mess with others and lifting their eyes toward Jesus as they wonder where their healing will come from.

Jessica* contacted us for support after discovering that her husband had been struggling with porn throughout their entire 12-year marriage. She knew they struggled to connect emotionally, but was undone when she discovered he was consistently seeking out porn to cope with the stress of life and their growing family. She was seeking a safe community and group to help her navigate her pain and heal.

Maggie* discovered us through a Google search. At 56, she had finally hit a place in her life that she was done holding his secret of multiple affairs throughout their 30+ year marriage. Her heart was hard and she was battling resentment, brokenness, bitterness and deep pain. She knew this was not how God had made her but felt stuck for how she would move away from this pain and find joy again. She stepped into the Hope Online community and immediately found others who just “got it”. She began working with a coach that helped her unlock so much of her heart that had been shut down for so long. *names have been changed for privacy

So many say that Hope Redefined was a light in the depths of their darkness. The community, support groups, retreat, and one to one coaching offer women a safe place to heal and find personal freedom.

Jessica and Maggie have each stepped into their personal healing. Their journeys look different, they move at different paces, they grieve different parts of their story but both are seeking the One who can heal and He is delighted to meet them there. Walking with women and witnessing this type of healing is WHY we look with expectancy toward 2022.

We are continuing to grow rapidly and see a significant need for our operational budget and scholarship support to increase. We want to invite you to be a part of what God is doing here at Hope Redefined. We are praying boldly for $100,000 in donations for 2022 in order to keep operating freely and fully, to continue offering support and services for little to no cost.

Would you prayerfully consider giving a year-end donation to Hope Redefined?

With provision of funds we will be able to…

We are excited for 2022 and we are grateful for your partnership in this work! We know that there are many deserving ministries that would benefit from your help. We would be so humbled to receive your donation to Hope Redefined, whether that is a one-time gift or a recurring monthly partnership. THANK YOU!

You are truly allowing us to offer HOPE in the middle of the darkest seasons.