Changing the Legacy

I sat  with her this morning as she wrestled through the next steps of her life, questioning everything that had happened up to this point. Failed polygraphs, unthinkable disclosures of details about  her marriage. This wasn’t our first conversation. We had spent so much time discussing sleepless nights, the internal fight for safety, and caring for her small children in the chaos of complete martial disruption. Unfortunately, her story is familiar to so many women. The pain and the reality of it is so heavy. Some would say unthinkable.  

Wrestling with Choices

As we took the time to process through her needs at the moment and make a plan to move forward in her marriage, I saw the internal wrestling on her face. She so badly wanted peace, but stepping into marriage therapy after only two months of finding safety through a physical separation was a huge step.  She realized some of her peace came from the environment shifting and the daily chaos subsisting for her and her small children with him out of the house. Her heart wavered back and forth between wanting to create emotional relational peace with her husband and wanting to hold peace within herself. The gift of space to process was no doubt what her heart needed. I was thankful to be there to listen, see her, and validate her. 

By the end of our video call, her two young boys began to climb her like a jungle gym. They had become restless and needed their mommy. I drank in the truth of this image in front of me. She is a woman who has been fighting for truth and safety in her home for a long time. She is a woman who continued caring for her children in the midst of betrayal. She is a woman who is doing her very best to advocate for herself and her children. 

Changing the Future

Yet while she heals, she holds tightly to the hem of Jesus’ garment. When she sleeps, she rests in the arms of her Provider.  As she navigates daily life alone with her littles, she holds the hand of a good Father. 

She is a legacy changer – a daughter of the King who is moving towards abundance even when it’s hard.

Thank you friend for the ability to walk with you and witness such surrendered strength. 

Traveling in Hope with You,

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