Boundaries Support Group

Boundaries Support Group
  • What are boundaries?
  • How do I set appropriate boundaries for me?
  • How do they help me to heal?
  • What to do when a boundary is broken?
  • How to understand our values and how they impact our boundaries?

Healthy boundaries are an essential part of the healing process. Boundaries are an important part of daily life in our romantic, work, or family relationships. Our Boundaries course is uniquely designed to give you real time answers to your questions as you work through setting and sticking to your boundaries in real time.

We Offer:

  • Boundaries—What, When, Why and How Webinar is a 2-hour webinar taught by therapist, Marisha Robinson, LMSW with Hope Redefined in partnership with The Naked Truth Project. Once you register, you will be emailed a link for our Zoom webinar.
  • A 10-week, 90-minute Live Online Support Group helps you work through setting and sticking to your boundaries with conversation and encouragement from the participants and facilitator. All participates will be given a weekly, downloadable workbook to complete throughout the course. During this course, we will explore your belief system around boundaries, help identify your bottom lines, and how to hold on to your boundaries and what actions to take if they are violated.

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