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cupcake with pink icing on top
How to Work Your Way Back to Sexual Intimacy After Infidelity

In April of 2021 I had the privilege to hang out with Dr. Juli Slattery on her podcast, Java with Juli. Our conversation…S E X.  Specifically re-entering into sexual intimacy after betrayal.

My disclaimers. This is a conversation for a couple who is working on recovery and interested in creating safety for one another. This is not a conversation for a couple who had recently come face to face with the pain of betrayal and sexual sin. Also, I am NOT a sex therapist. I’m a woman who has journeyed with a lot of others in their pain and questioning. I’m a woman who has asked similar questions in my own marriage. I’m a woman who has worked to learn from other professionals and understand the complexity of re-entering into sexual intimacy after betrayal.

Let’s be honest with this one, EVERYONE is wondering about this. Men and women alike are asking the question, “Will we ever have sex again?” “How will we ever have sex again?”.

I hope this podcast offers possibilities and hope for these questions.

I refer to a model called the Pyramid of Intimacy. You can find out about the origin of this model here. I am counting down the days until their book is released on this topic.

I have a tendency to take something complicated and relate it to something in our everyday. In this interview I describe an upside down cupcake. I know, cupcakes and intimacy, weird right? Just hear me out. 🙂

Here is a link to our design of the cupcake. This is a great visual as you continue to work in your relationship and with clients. If you have questions I am happy to answer them. You can reach out to me at


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