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Triad Coaching is the best of both worlds – individual coaching at a reduced price and support from other women experiencing the same life situations you are.

Here you will find important information regarding your Triad Coaching including forms that need to be filled out prior to your group starting.

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  • If you are not currently a member of Hope Online, IT’S TIME FOR JOIN US HERE
    This will be where ALL of our group communications will take place throughout the group. This will be where ALL our group communications will take place throughout our groups. If you are a new Hope Online member, you will have three months of free membership. When you first open the Hope Online link, make sure to click on the TRY FREE button (not the “sign in”). You will be asked to enter your credit card. It will NOT be charged until your three month free trial is expired. (See the link bellow “How to Log Into Hope Online Community.)
  • If you are already a Hope Online Community member, you will have your login information set already.
  • Not sure how to get where you need to go? Here are directions for:
    How to Log Into Hope Online Community/Mighty Networks
  • If you get stuck, reach out to our Communities Manager, Faye Dykema,


The length of the support group varies depending on the group size and topic.

The sessions are not recorded.

Lyschel Burket is the Lead Hope Caster and facilitator for Finding Hope Support Groups.  Lyschel can be contacted at

Shawna Meek leads the Triad Groups. She can be contacted at

Julie Palmer is Lyschel’s Administrative Assistant and the Events Coordinator for Hope Redefined. She sets up the support group events, sends out reminders and coordinates the retreats. You can reach Julie at

Faye Dykema is the communications manager for Hope Online. If you have problems accessing the Hope Online Community, or questions navigating the site, please reach out to her at

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