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Gaye B

I thought there were only two extremes in resolving marital issues: “Go home and love harder” or “Leave the %!?# and felt trapped knowing neither suited me. In the community of Hope Redefined, I was given knowledge from a sound Biblical perspective that enabled me to think straight about my specific situation. The education, support and community experience here empowered me to apply this new knowledge. I was able to change what things I could, in order to find my way from feeling stuck and hopeless to living fully and freely again – in my case with a better connection to my husband. Thank you, everyone at Hope Redefined!

Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW CSAT PCC

Hope Redefined Ministries has a weekend healing retreat that my client participated in, because she felt burnt out, exhausted, and fatigued from the work she had been doing around her husband’s sexual addiction. My client is an extremely hard worker and needed something to restore and rejuvenate her.

When she attended this extremely spiritual weekend healing retreat, she found, even before she got there, a group of people that supported her and checked in with her prior to her arrival. She said, “I knew I was in the right place before I even got there because they were invested in my safety and support.”

The weekend restored her sense of self and gave her a special connection to her higher power, which filled her up with hope, strength, and recovery. She followed the retreat with a set of aftercare groups that she also found immensely healthy. This group of professionals, both clinicians, coaches and support people, had thought everything through to make this healing retreat an unconditional place for women to do their work, grieve their losses, and move on in their lives.

I will be sending many other women to the Redeemed Hope Healing Retreat.

Retreat Participant Testimonials

Oh my word, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I received this weekend. The Lord did a much needed deep work in my heart & healed my heart from the hurt of betrayal in so many ways. I came to this retreat broken, sad, full of despair and grief. I am leaving restored, full of joy, and full of hope for the future. The Lord affirmed to me that He is good, the He is faithful, the He is my safety, that He is my protector and He is enough. The team was so full of the love of Jesus and felt very safe. They gave me the space I needed and freedom I needed to go to the places I needed to go to and that the Lord wanted to work in. I am leaving renewed, restored. My Hope IS Restored! Thanks You! – Sue

If you are on the fence, jump on over because what He has in store for you is so great & healing. He will pick you up & bandage your wounds & give you tools to fight/keep fighting! – Emily

Thank you so much for this weekend! How the Lord has worked in the facilitators own betrayal stories helped me move forward in my own journey. I LOVED this experience! I loved the use of tangible objects. I loved the visuals, prayers, and tools. It was ALL so intentional. I loved learned tools to help with feeling stuck in my thoughts. Thoughts have been a real struggle for me and keep me in an unhealthy pattern. The Lord has truly given you all a gift in reaching/loving on women facing the aftermath of betrayal. – Erica

Group Participant

This group is a safe place that helps you grow in your understanding of the situation and yourself as well as in your relationship with the Lord. You are in the company of wives who have gone through similar experiences; you can share your struggles with them, listen to theirs, and pray. The facilitator’s questions help you reflect on yourself, your responses to this painful struggle, and God’s truths that speak to those.

Abby, Group Participant

This biggest thing I took from the group was that God cares deeply for me, that healing is possible and faster than I had thought, and sharing with others brings comfort.


Finding Hope is a supportive safe place to be able to say what you need to say to find out you are not alone. It is a place where there are other women who have gone through the same thing and that we did not cause this. It is the man’s problem not ours.

Group Participant

This group was life changing. Just knowing there were others who had experienced this same kind of betrayal in their marriage and that I wasn’t crazy in going through the emotions and heartache I felt was huge for me. This group highlighted areas of healing needed and walked me through each of these areas in a Christ-centered approach that was transformational.

Liane L., Coaching Client

The biggest “aid” to me was her tracking with my heart. Letting me “talk and talk” and keying in to things that my heart would repeat over and over (recognizing patterns) and then asking questions aimed at that spot to “go deeper.” By doing this approach, she used challenging questions…often times questions my heart did not want to “deal with.” But it is in “dealing with” the hidden heart stuff that treasure has been discovered. She helped uncover something hidden in my heart that Jesus was trying to uncover, but without her challenging questions, I never would have seen it. And by “going there”with her with the difficult questions, the direction of my life is now actually changing toward what God has called me to do.

Lyschel brings excellent listening skills and compassion. She is always listening to me, tracking with my heart, not just my words. With that approach, she is able to ask questions to my heart that causes my heart to go deeper, unveiling more territory that needs to be explored.

Kristin I., Coaching Client

Lyschel listened to me. She asked me questions in where I was able to gain insight into what areas I was feeling stuck. She provided a space where I was able to process and not feel judged. When talking to her in the beginning we set goals and I thought sarcastically “sure this is going to work and help me feel unstuck.” Then within a few weeks I saw changes within me from working on these goals that I didn’t think would really work. It took awhile but I started to feel less unstuck. I think one of the biggest surprises was when we initially set up the goals. Lyschel listened to me and heard something and was able to help me identify a goal I needed to work on without even seeing it. It ended up being a huge stepping stone!

Life changing! I don’t say that lightly. I feel like it has changed to course of my life. I think her greatest gift is empathy. She provides a space to listen, talk and help me process through situations.

Joni M., Coaching Client

Lyschel was the calm in the storm on many occasions – and with the calm she offered my panic – I was able to have more clarity and calm myself. Critical information on how to view and address my own issues as well as healthy approaches to dealing with my child and her situation.

She works magic. I have no idea how she does it but in the most non-threatening way she helps me to find clarity in my own issues simply by asking me questions that I think help me to see my own issues and how I might address them in a healthier way. This is much more effective and pleasant than someone forcing their own views on you and being left feeling criticized or judged.

She is caring, calm, compassionate and smart! I find her to be an extremely talented and skill coach. She is also sensitive and thoughtful, noticing areas I may need help in that an observant way, without being asked. She goes the extra mile.

Anna M., Coaching Client

[Lyschel] helps you sort through what’s really important and what’s not and helps you to create healthy boundaries. She listens without judgement. She is kind and caring. She offers great advice without swaying you either way. She listens without judgement. She is kind and caring. She offers great advice without swaying you either way.

Laura J., Coaching Client

Honestly, [coaching with Lyschel was] way beyond my expectations. I breathe easier after every session. She can even tell when I’m holding my breath as we talk about hard stuff during our time! Her ability to get to know me in such a relatively short time, amazes me. I love how she sends me notes on what we’ve talked about so I can concentrate while we are talking….and have something tangible to review until we talk again.

…she challenges and stretches me to think further and…gently reminds me where I may not be trusting God. She always knows just the right questions to ask me to move me forward.

Trish, Support Group Participant

Lyschel loves on us. She speaks truth to us whether it’s hard to hear or not. She’s open and transparent with her own life, her story, and her own sin, which makes it easier for us all to be open as well. She has a close relationship with the Lord and encourages us all to lean into him.


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