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Please take the time to listen to some of our previously recorded interviews.

Carol the Coach

Carol Juergensen Sheets is a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist (CSAT) and Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CPPS). Lyschel has joined Carol on her Carol the Coach podcast to discuss healing after a crisis subsides and how communication is the key to connection between couples.

Pure Sex Radio

Since 2005, Pure Sex Radio has been providing encouraging and relevant insights and help for dealing with issues of sexual brokenness and relational wellness.

Conversations on Sex, Addiction, and Relationships

Wendy Conquest, Dan Drake, Jeanne Vattuone, and Tim Stein invite guests to join an ongoing conversation about sex, addiction, and relationships. They are experts in the fields of sex addiction, betrayal trauma, and trauma resolution.

Lyschel on Java with Juli

While Lyschel was at the Sexual Integrity Leadership Conference 2021, she sat down with Dr. Juli Slattery to discuss How to Work Your Way Back to Intimacy After Infidenlity.

Recovery is layered, complex, and different for every couple. (And let’s be honest: historically, the Church has not ministered well here.) In this Java with Juli, learn what a healthy recovery process looks like for a grieving wife and why sex and intimacy need to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Couples will try to go back to having sex the way they always have had sex [prior to betrayal]. And I think they have to understand that they’re creating something completely new – just like their marriage. – Lyschel Burket

The New England Betrayal Trauma Conference: Reconstructing Faith

Hear Lyschel’s heart for wounded partners as she explores her own story, her journey helping women heal, and her hope for the upcoming New England Betrayal Trauma Conference. This dynamic speaker and author inspire and uplifts everytime she shares.

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