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Hello TEAM ...

We are so GRATEFUL for your “YES” to God and to Hope Redefined. Here you will find information on the location and what you need to bring on the retreat as well as the schedule and what is expected of the team.

The video here is what the Participants will see when they register for the Redeemed Hope Retreat. 


As a Retreat team member we need a few things from you prior to serving. Please follow the links below and submit all forms. If you have any questions please reach out to us.

Retreat Team Member Intake and Agreements
  • This includes team member info, confidentiality agreement, Release of Liability for Hope Redefined, and COVID Waiver
Wafloy Waiver
  • This waiver will be given to the retreat facility on your behalf.

We have a few dates that need to be on your calendar. These dates could change so please check this space from time to time. We will try and notify you of any changes via email. 

  • 10.1.22, 8:00am – 12:00pm EST – New Team Member Training, Location TBD and via Zoom (mandatory for all new team members)
  • 10.1.22, 12:30pm – 4:00pm EST – Council of War (Team Meeting), Location TBD and via Zoom (mandatory for all team members serving on-site)
  • 10.5.22, 6:30 PM Night at The Well @ Two Rivers Church
  • 10.16.22, 8:00 – 9:00pm EST – Prayer Meeting with Ministry Intercessors, via Zoom (not mandatory)
  • 10.25.22, All Day – Team Fasting Day (details to be given at team meeting)
  • 10.26.22, 4:00pm EST – Team Arrive at Retreat 
  • 10.26 – 10.30  RETREAT
  • 10.30.22, 5:00pm – Team Depart Retreat
  • 11.6.22, 8:00pm – Team Debrief Meeting via Zoom 

Aftercare Group Dates

Meetings are on Zoom, 8:00-9:30pm EST and we LOVE having our Team Members attend! We specifically NEED team to attend Group 4 because we will be continuing personal ministry work with strongholds/unhealthy attachments.

11.13.22, Aftercare Group 1
11.20.22, Aftercare Group 2
12.4.22, Aftercare Group 3 
12.11.22, Aftercare Group 4 (Need Team Volunteers)
12.18.22, Aftercare Group 5
1.8.23, Aftercare Group 6


Personal Prep

  • Directions to Wafloy’s Steiner-Bell Lodge (Printable)
  • NOTE that the lodge is NOT at 3610 E. Parkway (that is the Wafloy Mountain Retreat Center Office). You will need to look for the sign to Steiner-Bell Lodge which is about .2 miles BEFORE or AFTER you reach Wafloy Mountain Retreat entrance depending on whether you come from the WEST or EAST respectively. It will be on a retreat center sign. You will go up a big hill. 

Redeemed Hope Retreat Schedule
(subject to change – please refer to final schedule in you COW packet)




Team Arrival – Unload


Unload – Kitchen Set Up


Dinner  – Ordering Pizza


Prayer Walk









8:00 – 9:00

Breakfast (slow start)


Worship, Submission, Team Mtg


Set Up Begins


Exchange Practice




Rest & Final Prep

3:00 pm

Participants Arrive & Check In


Welcome & Opening Remarks




Why We Share Our Stories


Sharing Your Story


Soak & Goodnight 



7:00 – 8:30



Overview of the Day


Caring for Yourself


Why We Worship




Impact of Betrayal


Desperate for Healing




Aftermath of Betrayal 


Grieving & Restoration









7:30 – 8:45



Overview of the Day 


The Mirror


The Perfect Sacrifice


Certificate of Debt




Individual & Cultural Responsibilities




Strongholds & Soul Ties


Progressive Dinner


Reflections of the Day


Crying Out For Restoration






Light Breakfast & Coffee, Morning Stretch 


Identity Reformation






Hope Note & Break




Pack Up & Departure 


Clean Up


Team Meeting/Release


Out of Building 


  • This schedule is subject to change. But please feel free to share with your intercessors to allow them to pray over specific sessions. You will also receive a final schedule in your manual at the retreat. 
  • Personal Items (toothpaste, shampoo, shower soap, etc…)
  • Blow dryer, if needed
  • Sweater and/or a jacket. The weather can be cool at night in the mountains. Layers are a girl’s best friend. (March avg. temps:  60/35  Oct. avg. temps:  74/41)
  • Comfy clothes, slippers / outdoor shoes – Several pairs of shoes in case it rains and you need dry shoes for inside
  • A stuffed animal, cuddle blanket, something that offers you comfort or security.
  • Extra towel/s or washcloth/s, if needed (1 bath towel and washcloth are provided)
  • Special Bedding and/or extra or special pillow(s) (standard bedding, linens are provided)
  • Yoga mat/ large beach towel for stretch sessions
  • Personal Journal. You will receive a manual to work with throughout the retreat, but a journal can be helpful as you process.
  • You may want to take a Bible for your own personal time.
  • Team Folder
  • Retreat Manual
  • Extra throw blanket for main space
  • Snack/Dessert/Drink you signed up for
  • Scriptures for prayer walk on Wednesday night of retreat (more information to follow)
  • Notes for your Story (more info to follow)
  • Prepped food for meal (if you signed up to prepare something), well labeled, with ingredients and instructions
  • Earplugs 🙂
  • A watch (Casio or Timex are acceptable – convenient for keeping time without the hassle of phone)
  • Extra foldable sports chairs. These could be used for outside ministry time. 
  • Please recruit at least 2 prayer partners (or as many as the Lord says you need), that will stand in the gap for you. Ask them to start praying the week of the retreat (for your preparation and time management) and then to pray through to the Monday following the retreat. Especially ask them to pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual health and stamina.
  • You are welcome to have your prayer partners sign up to be a retreat intercessor. They will receive high level prayer needs via email throughout the weekend. If they would like to sign up, they can use this link.
  • Fasting and Prayer. We invite you to pray for your weekend and fast if you feel led. The retreat team will be fasting together on Tuesday prior to the retreat. We will give you more information at the Team Meeting on this. 

Mary Kane– Salad for 20 people (no dressing), 1 dozen GF/DF muffins, 1 regular dessert for 28 people

Lindsey– Breakfast casseroles (1 GF, 2 reg), coleslaw (36 people but will have other sides too)

Toni– Lasagna (1 GF, 1 GF/DF, 3 reg)

Stephanie– Hard boiled eggs (2 dozen, peeled)

Jenny W. -Pulled pork (36 people)

Christen– Taco meat (8lbs, seasoned with GF/DF taco seasoning and cooked, frozen), regular soda (36 people, over several days)

Marisha– Sausage balls (LB to pick up and bring)

Bonny– Chicken salad (36 people, DF/GF, some must have NO NUTS), 2 GF/DF Desserts

Amanda– GF Veggie Soup (large portion cooked ahead and frozen), GF dessert

Lyschel– Cheese tortellini soup, quiches (1 GF/DF, 1 GF, 5 regular), pick up sausage balls from Marisha

KP– GF/DF Chili (large portion, cooked ahead and frozen), Milo’s sweet and unsweet tea

Mindy– Regular dessert (28 people)

Julie– Regular dessert (28 people)

Maribeth– Regular dessert (28 people)

Meagan– GF dessert, 4×12 packs La Croix-type drinks

Lara D. -Diet sodas (36 people over several days)

*If you signed up for dessert, please try to bring items that do not need to be refrigerated or frozen. We have limited space for those items

*GF= Gluten Free

*DF= Dairy Free

**Don’t forget your SNACK! Check out Directions for Food Donations section for details.**

Here is what we need for each person’s snack to share:

If your last name begins with a letter A-H– please bring a SWEET snack. If you are gluten-free, please bring gluten-free snack.

If your last name begins with a letter I-Z– please bring a SALTY snack. If you are gluten-free, please bring gluten-free snack.

Please label EVERYTHING YOU BRING with your name, so if the kitchen team or snack team has questions, they know who to ask! If you are making something at home, please include the following information, in addition to your name:

– What the food is:  ground beef, lasagna, cookies, snack, etc. This gives kitchen and snack team directions on where items need to be stored. This helps us communicate with participants as well, some things are hard to tell what they are just by looking. 

– Allergy information (gluten-free, dairy-free, contains walnuts, etc.)

– Reheat/cooking instructions (if applicable)- temp to cook/reheat, time it takes, etc.

– Storage:  needs to be frozen/refrigerated/fine at room temp. Again, this helps our teams plan for storage as we are setting up.

If you are bringing store-bought stuff, please leave it in the package from the store so the kitchen team has all the above information.

If you or someone your know is interested in providing scholarship money for a participant please feel free to make a donation here

This is an incredible way to pour into a woman’s retreat experience. 


Retreat Need to Knows

Preparing YOUR Story: 

  • Write/Type out your story prior to the retreat and practice telling it
  • Partners (4-5 minutes max); Not Partners (2-3 minutes max)
  • Remember we are all familiar with betrayal and the loss of trust in some relationship, and we have all received healing and restoration from the Father. This is the heart of the story you want to communicate.

Please take the time to reach out to your buddy at least one time prior to the retreat. Send them an email first inviting them to a phone call. Connecting by phone is ideal, but we want them to have the ability to connect in a way that feels safe. The purpose of this connection is to help combat the participant’s fear of not knowing anyone, to answer questions, and to help them feel welcomed. You may be working with your buddy during the retreat, so please do not hesitate to ask them what you can be praying for as we all prepare. 

  • Please share those prayer requests with the Intercession Team via email. Please send to the Lead Intercessor, Toni at
  • Please also ensure that they have received their retreat emails and that they do not have any questions. Any questions that might arise please direct to Julie Palmer at 636-577-5284 or or 865-223-4396. Most retreat information is sent 30 days pre-retreat.
  • Please communicate any retreat logistics or special considerations they might need to Lyschel or Julie. Be sure to ask them about food allergies or needs for sleeping comfortably.
  • If your buddy is traveling, they will need to send their itinerary to Retreat Coordinator, Julie, so that we are aware of their arrival/departure. We are offering ground transportation to those who arrive during a certain window of time. If they are not able to arrive during the window of time, then ground transportation will be their responsibility. Uber is an option from the airport to the Wayfloy office. Please remind them to send their travel dates if they have not already. 

We have laid out the things that are essential in building a healthy functioning ministry team. Please review our Retreat Team Values & Protocols 

Redeemed Hope Ministry Values & Protocols 

You have these prayers in your Team Member packet but we want to make sure you can find them if you need them.

A part of what we get to do at this retreat is offer validation AND freedom. Deliverance is the action of being rescued and set free. 

Here is our teaching on this topic for our retreat team.  Protocols for Deliverance Ministry 

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