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Hello ...

We are so excited to see you soon at the Redeemed Hope Intensive Healing Retreat.  You will find the essential information here to prepare for your weekend of insight, healing, and growth. Please take the time to watch the videos, read the notes, and fill out the forms necessary for you to experience all God has to offer through your time at the retreat.  We are so honored to walk with you in this area of your healing. We anticipate great things for you at this retreat. If you have questions, please let us know. ~The Redeemed Hope Team

Hello New Friend,

While you’re waiting for your retreat… 

We’re so glad you’re coming to the retreat! But waiting for it to get here can seem like a really long time, so we want to give you some things to consider while you wait. 

  1. Trust the Lord’s timing. He will provide everything you need when you need it. We are trusting Him with this, too! 
  2. Build and utilize your support system, which could include a therapist/counselor, a coach, trusted friends, a trusted spiritual mentor, and/or the Hope Redefined community (specifically Hope Online, our exclusive and private online support community). 
  3. Practice self-care. Yes, it’s a buzz word right now, but it’s an important part of your healing and so necessary (not a luxury). Utilize healthy boundaries, find healthy ways to cope, regularly assess your needs (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically) and find healthy ways to meet those needs. If you are struggling with how to do any of this, see #2 above. 
  4. Consider journaling. There really is something therapeutic about putting pen to paper. Whether you write out scripture to encourage and comfort you, or pour out your heart to the Lord, He is with you in the waiting. 
  5. Pray. Pray for the retreat. Pray for those who are preparing the retreat and pray for those who will attend the retreat with you. Begin now contending for your healing and freedom. 

In addition to these things that you can do, please also know that our retreat team has been and will continue to be praying for you by name, along with your family. If you have any specific needs that we can pray for, please do not hesitate to reach out. It’s an honor to come alongside you on this healing journey. You don’t have to do it alone. Your retreat will be here before you know it, and you can rest in confident hope that the Lord will meet you there with His love, mercy, power and healing. 


Let's Get Started


Retreat Forms and Details

Retreat Intake Form
  • Your retreat intake form must be completed prior to your attending the retreat. This form is to help us, the retreat facilitators, get to know you better prior to the retreat, pray for you, obtain your consents, and pair you up with appropriate team members. Your responses will remain confidential and will only be accessible to the retreat facilitators.
Wafloy Retreat Center Waiver
  • Wafloy Retreat Center is located at the base of the Smoky Mountains just outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They require all participants and team to agree to their waiver. We will submit this waiver to the facility on your behalf. 
COVID Waiver
  • Unfortunately the current pandemic causes us to have you sign this waiver. We want you to feel safe and prepared as you participate with us.
Terms & Conditions 
  • Please review and accept our ministry terms and conditions. This does include cancellation and refund policy.
Consent to Release when working with another Professional Therapist  
  • This form is a consent to release information between two support professional on behalf(s) of mutual client(s). Client will receive a copy of this agreement upon submission. If you have any questions prior to submitting, please contact Lyschel at If you are currently seeing an individual therapist or coach please complete this form.
All forms must be completed and received prior to the retreat

Directions to Wafloy’s Steiner-Bell Lodge (Printable)

  • Realize the lodge is NOT at 3610 E. Parkway (that is the Wafloy Mountain Retreat Center). You will need to look for the “smaller” sign to Steiner-Bell Lodge which is about .2 miles BEFORE or AFTER you reach Wafloy Mountain Retreat depending on whether you come from the WEST or EAST respectively. 
Travel Plans

Please let our Ministry and Retreat Coordinator, Julie Palmer, know your arrival and departure times, even if you are driving. This will help our team in meeting you on your arrival. Please send your arrangements to

We understand that this retreat can feel uncertain for a husband. It’s a much needed time for a wife but can feel unsettling for a husband. 

Many men have been positively impacted by their wives attending Redeemed Hope. As such, several of them will be hosting a support call for husbands while their wives are at the retreat. This is an opportunity for husbands to ask questions about what to expect when you return, hear testimonies from others who have gone before them and to pray for us as we are at the retreat. 

You will receive a separate email with information that you can forward to your husband.  Please share this information with him. He is not required to attend, but we hope that he does. 

If you are separated or divorced, you are welcome to invite another person to attend as your male support person (father, pastor, or ex-husband). 

Letter To Husband

Here is the link to register for the Husbands Support Call. Please have your husband register prior to the retreat weekend to receive the Zoom link. 

We have offered you a lot of information in the sections above. If you would like one document to print and have THIS IS IT. 

This packet will include: 

  • Retreat Logistics
  • Packing List
  • Retreat Schedule
  • Healing Covenant 
  • Letter to Husband 


Check Out Our BEAUTIFUL Location:


Personal Preparations

  • We ask that each participant secure at least two (2) prayer partners to pray for them before, during, and after the retreat. These prayer partners are essential in standing in the gap as you do your healing work. Please feel free to share details with your intercessors. You are welcome to also share the retreat schedule to help them know what areas we will be working on throughout the weekend.
  • You will be assigned a “Buddy” for the retreat. Her job is to be a friend, answer any questions or find the answers for you, and pray for you. She is a rock star!  She will reach out to you approximately two weeks prior to the retreat either via email or phone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her for additional support and/or prayer. Our experience shows that Satan tries hard to keep you from attending, so additional prayer support is essential.
  • Fasting and Prayer. We invite you to pray for your weekend and fast if you feel led. The retreat team will be fasting together on Tuesday prior to the retreat. You are welcome to join us in this time of reflection and intentionality. We encourage everyone to keep their guard up against the devil’s schemes. This kind of healing work makes him mad, and he will work to create chaos, fear, and distraction. Fasting and prayer are wonderful weapons against attacks.

Healing Covenant

The document linked above is a healing covenant. This is something to start the work between you and the Lord. We hope you will begin to consider the invitation that the Lord is extending to you. We ask you to consider signing this covenant for yourself, and keep it as a reminder.

Accordion Content

  • Personal Items (toothpaste, shampoo, shower soap, etc…)
  • Blow dryer, if needed
  • Sweater and/or a jacket. The weather can be cool at night in the mountains. Layers are a girl’s best friend. (March avg. temps:  60/35  Oct. avg. temps:  74/41)
  • Comfy clothes, slippers/outdoor shoes (an extra pair of shoes in the event of rain and you need something dry to wear inside)
  • A stuffed animal, cuddle blanket, something that offers you comfort or security, if wanted.
  • Extra towel/s or washcloth/s, if needed (1 bath towel and washcloth are provided)
  • Special Bedding and/or extra or special pillow(s) (standard bedding, linens are provided)
  • Personal Journal. You will receive a manual to work with throughout the retreat, but a journal can be helpful as you process.
  • You may want to take a Bible for your own personal time.



After Your Retreat

Each participant will gain access to our Hope Online community following the retreat. If this is your first time joining us, then you will have access to a 3-month trial to our community. See directions below. 

You will need to be in this community for our Aftercare Community so please check it out. 

Hope Online Community

  • If you are not currently a member of Hope Online, IT’S TIME FOR JOIN US HERE.  This will be where ALL of our group communications will take place throughout the group. If you are a new Hope Online member, you will have three months of free membership so you can access the Aftercare Community. When you first open the link, make sure to click on the TRY FREE button (not the “sign in”), you will be asked to enter your credit card. It will NOT be charged until your three months free trial is expired. (See the link below: How to Log Into Hope Online Community.)
  • If you are already a Hope Online Community member, you will have your login information set already.

Hope Online Community Welcome packet – Review and accept

How to Log into Hope Online Community/Mighty Networks

  • This shows step-by-step how to set up your Hope Online account.
  • If you get stuck, reach out to our Communities Manager, Faye Dykema,


Aftercare Information

How to access the Aftercare group in Hope Online

Save the Dates:
(Sundays from 8-9:30 PM Eastern)  April 2, April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7, May 21


  • Your deposit will secure your spot for the retreat.
  • Final payment for the retreat is due 30 days before the retreat.
  • If final payment is not made 30 days before the retreat, participant’s spot will be made available again for next person on waiting list, and no refund will be issued.

The retreat is lead by Lyschel Burket, RLC, PCC, APSATS CPC, and ADOH trained. It is supported by an amazing team of volunteers that the Lord has brought together for such a time as this. These volunteers have either attended a retreat or have betrayal in their story, so they have a deep understanding of the need for God’s healing.

Please secure some prayer partners/intercessors for yourself RIGHT NOW!  We encourage you to secure at least two (2) prayer partners. 

Our team has been praying for you and your retreat experience since you indicated you were coming. Our prayer team prays for you, your family, the retreat team, the property, protection and safety, and much more.

Please note, they can attend the optional support call that we offer during the retreat, led by Garren Burket. In this call, they will meet other men who have had wives attend the retreat. This will be a time for them to hear from others and pray over your time at the retreat. Please assure them, this weekend is NOT a husband-bashing weekend. It is a time to work on you and your relationship with God, heal your hurts, and help you be filled with Hope for your future.

Lyschel Burket is the Lead Hope Caster and co-facilitator for Redeemed Hope Retreat material.  Lyschel can be contacted at

Julie Palmer is the Groups Coordinator and Retreat Coordinator for Hope Redefined. She sets up the support group events, sends out reminders and coordinates the retreats. You can reach Julie at

Faye Dykema is the Communications Manager for Hope Online. If you have problems accessing the Hope Online Community, or questions navigating the site, please reach out to her at

  • Following the retreat you are automatically enrolled in six weeks of Sunday evening meetings via Zoom.
  • This is a private group in our Hope Online community. This will allow you to stay connected with each other while we work through the Aftercare material. Here is a link to your 90-day free access to Hope Online.  Once you have joined the Hope Online community, Julie Palmer will add you to the Redeemed Hope Retreat group that you have attended so you are ready for the Aftercare meetings.
  • We meet for 6 weeks via Zoom for approximately 1 1/2 hours. 
  • Zoom link will be given to you through our Hope Online group (see Join Our Community section). 
  • This is a closed group which means we only allow for Retreat Participants and Team women to be in the group.   

The sessions are not automatically recorded. However, if we have a group member miss we will offer to record so she can stay with the rest of the group.

If a group is recorded:

  • It is only shared with group members via our private Hope Online group.
  • It is password protected. 
  • It is only available for the time of the support group then deleted from Hope Redefined’s account. 
  • Hope Online is a private community for women of sexual betrayal to speak hope and encouragement into the hurt created by betrayal trauma and provide a safe place for women to contiue difficult conversations, so that we can move closer to healing and find purpose in our pain. The Aftercare Group is accessed through your Hope Online community.  
  • Please do NOT share any specifics of the retreat in the main community. We want to keep details of the retreat limited so we do not take away from other members’ experiences who may join a retreat in the future! Here in the Aftercare group, you can share whatever you want to!

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