Living in Hope is a 4 month maintenance group available to any woman who has completed the Finding Hope support group with Hope Redefined.

Have you completed the Finding Hope group but know that your work is not finished yet? Are you still needing intentional community? Would you like to work through the book again and do the parts you skipped the first time? Or maybe you weren’t ready for that work the first time through?

This is a great group and opportunity to step back into this work and have the support of community too.

Living in Hope will meet 2 times per month for 90 mins over the course of 4 months. This allows for 8 total meetings supported by Lyschel Burket, RLC, PCC, CPC and the Living In Hope workbook. This workbook allows you to take a second look or take a deeper dive into the content of Vicki Tiede’s book, When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography.

**Workbook is provided electronically so participants can choose to print or use electronically.

In addition to the monthly meetings you will have 2 free months of membership to our online community Hope Online. This community allows women to connect with others in similar situations as well as grow in their learning and faith. This community is managed by professionals in the field of sexual betrayal and supported by women like yourself.


Hope you will join us!

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