Boundaries Support Group

Boundaries - What, When, Why and How - Support Group + Community ONLY



Congratulations! You attended the Webinar and now you would like to register for the just group and Hope Online. This is the place to do that.

This purchase will give you access to the 10 week LIVE Online Support Group + access to our Hope Online community (first time registration only)



In the weeks following the webinar we will launch a 10 week LIVE online support group hosted through Zoom. This group will include weekly downloadable worksheets, a 90 min support group call with one of our trained staff and community support.

Support group will meet weekly on Thursday evenings from 8:00pm – 9:30pm EST 

Weekly topics include:

  • Exploring your belief system around boundaries and why that matters
  • Identifying what are your bottom lines
  • Do my values and boundaries match up?
  • How to deliver your boundaries and hold to them
  • Planning for special events or occasions
  • So much more…


Finally, you will gain access to our private online community called Hope Online at no cost for the first 3 months. (first time members only)
This community is hosted outside of social media platforms and offers confidential space for women to connect, share, encourage and journey together. You can access this community through any smart device via an app or through your web browser. This group is a subscription based community.




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