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PureSexRadio – An Unexpected Journey to Hope – Lyschel & Garren Burket with Jonathan Daughtery

What happens when a couple realizes that porn addiction is not merely a “problem” to be fixed? What if there is far more to it than that? How can a couple navigate the possibility of restoration when “recovery” doesn’t fit their pre-conceived paradigm? In this episode, we hear the story of Garren and Lyschel Burket. Gain a new perspective for restoration that brings true hope and joy.

PureSexRadio – Sexual Betrayal and Spiritual Battle – Lyschel and Garren Burket with Jonathan Daughtery

Sexual betrayal trauma has a profound impact on a wife emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The impact can shake the faith of the most deeply rooted Christian woman. How can she heal? And is there hope for restoration? In this episode, Lyschel Burket shares her story and what she has learned about healing from betrayal and the power of God in our weakness.

Lyschel Burket Speaks About New England Betrayal Trauma Conference

Hear Lyschel’s heart for wounded partners as she explores her own story, her journey helping women heal, and her hope for the upcoming New England Betrayal Trauma Conference. This dynamic speaker and author inspire and uplifts everytime she shares.